Paintless Dent Repair

Some auto body damage is minor enough that it does not require panel replacement or paintwork repair. For dents and creases where the paint surface is not broken and the dent edge is not too abrupt, Paintless Dent Repair may be an option. This is an extremely skilled operation  which involves precise adjustment of the panel work, using delicate instruments and custom lighting to highlight and carefully manipulate the panel to it’s original condition.

Paintless Dent Repair by Expert Craftsmen

We use master craftsmen with years of experience in paintless dent repair to perform this operation. As you can imagine, getting this right so that the affected area is unnoticeable to the eye is a true art, but it pays off in the form of lower cost repairs and also eliminates the need for paintwork color matching, which is especially beneficial in small repair areas where a re-paint may be too costly.

Faster Repairs, less Downtime

Paintless dent repair is also a time saver if that is the only work that needs to be performed. If the repair can be take care of without the need for masking, painting and curing, turnaround time can shrink from many days to a single day operation.