Auto Paint

As our company name suggests, Auto Paint Work is an art-form – a craft. It takes years of experience to acheive the level of quality finish that our bodycraft technicians are able to acheive.

Quality Materials

We use the highest quality undercoat, basecoat and clearcoat materials to produce a flawless, lasting finish. The quality of the paint used is critical to ensuring a factor-quality finish, and we do not compromise. We have tried many types of auto paint over the years, and our preferred Envirobase HP paint system has both superior quality, and environmentally friendly. We truly believe that the high quality of the materials that we use differentiates us from other chain-store auto paint shops. You will notice the difference in quality.

Environmentally Controlled Auto Paint Chamber

Our on-site, environmentally controlled paint facility provides a clean environment for our paint technicians to work, minimizing contaminants and allowing temperature controlled application of all paint layers.

Professional Color Matching

Color matching is the area that defines a top quality auto body repair establishment from a mediocre paint shop. The reality is that your vehicle is not the same color that it left the factory. The sun, wind and harsh road environment, coupled with abrasive cleaning chemicals have taken their toll on your vehicle’s finish over time. Our master paintwork technicians have years of experience and a keen eye for color detail, and are able to expertly blend the required color pigments to color match your auto paint and perfectly blend with the rest of your vehicle.

Scratch and Ding Repair

In cases where damage is minor, such as scratches and door dings, this can be taken care of without a major paintwork project. Let us take a look at the problem area – many times we can take care of it as part of an overall repair job.